What's your paradise?

Deciding to Buy a Home?

It is never the wrong time to buy the RIGHT home and a substantial down payment is not always a requirement for buying a home. There are plenty of loan options out there, some of which have lower down payment requirements than others.
Not having a perfect credit score is also not a deal breaker. Plenty of people with less than perfect credit are still able to obtain a home loan.
If it’s your first home, try not to have high expectations. You may have to settle a little and not have EVERYTHING on your wish list. Instead, look at it as your starting point. This first home can lead to your dream home down the road.

What I do for my Buyers

-I LISTEN. This is the #1 complaint I have heard from clients, that their past agents did not listen to them. So I make this my priority. 
-I make sure to educate you on the market and evaluate properties that might suit your criteria.
-When the time comes, I coordinate any and all other needed professionals, such as title reps, escrow officers, inspectors, loan officers, appraisers, etc., to make the buying process as smooth of an experience as possible.
-Negotiates on my buyers behalf.
-Solve any problems and put out any fires that may come up.
-Make sure that all documentation and paperwork have been done correctly and accurately, and that the buyer is in full awareness of the progress of the transaction.

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make and can be a very stressful time. I try my absolute hardest to keep that stress level as low as possible and therefore, it can be a great experience!